Sunday, 7 November 2010

893 Magazine.

Amazing photos of japanese crime families by Blurb Book Award winner Anton Kusters.

Bewl Water

We 've beein to Bewl water yesterday.
It is a reservoir in the valley of the River Bewl.
Work began to construct the reservoir in 1973 by damming and then flooding a valley. It was completed in 1975 having been filled with over 31,300 million litres of water. It is now the largest body of inland water in south east England.
It is largely used for water sports and family activities.
But off-season it looks rather mysterious. Gives you some sort of the Twin Peaks movie feel...

Saturday, 30 October 2010


making my 2d book at the moment... not the easiest task....

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Michael Tummings' HUNTERS project

Hidden by Michael Tummings

“This moment is full of tension, loaded with possibility and suspended silence”.

The hunter waits in silence, stilling his movement and reducing his breath to a minimum. Waiting and watching, he attempts to become invisible, to disappear into the natural background. Here, the external and internal noises, the distractions of modernity, are cancelled out in a single moment– a spasm of time that is irreversible.

Hidden captures man’s engagement with nature through a close examination of the practice of hunting. Hunting lies at the foundation of human survival. These unflinching photographs capture the human element in the ritualized killing of animals. Their focus is on authentic, observed moments that have been shaped by tradition, and which are still practiced in the modern world.

Increasingly, our access to nature is designated as a cultural activity. Nature functions as construct of the imagination, where it is romanticized as pure and harmonious. But nature itself is marked by decay and violence. While hunting posits man as an external source of violence, the culling of animals maintains the balance and diversity of the landscape – even as it domesticates the landscape into an elaborate garden.

These photographs reference the classic European tradition of paintings depicting the hunt, in addition to 20th century photographic portraiture. The rituals and divisions of class are inherent to the images in Hidden, as are both the modernization and preservation of tradition. Employing 5 x 4 analogue photography, the series uses a detached camera eye to observe the social dynamics of the group, its rituals, and the ways in which they are infused with meaning.

Michael Tummings is a Munich, Germany based artist.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Inna Mim is the one to watch!

Inna Mim
Exhibition, Multidisciplinary

Inna Mim is a young Russian designer, currently residing in the Netherlands. Her designs unite traditional Russian elements with Dutch Design.

The installation The Flying Dress highlights her MIM shoes in a spectacular fashion. The dress – which got rave reviews in Moscow and now makes its debut outside Russia – floats through space, while the MIM shoes keep contact with the earth. The shoes are made out of a single piece of leather that shapes itself after the feet of the wearer. The simple, functional design accentuates the connection with the earth.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sainted Maries de la Mer

South of France by Lomo Kompakt.
WE went to Arles, France for the Les Rencontres d'Arles photo festival.
I took part in the portfolio review (waste of money, honestly). Rest of the time we drunk Stella, Rose, photographed Arles famous white horses and chilled by the beach.

South of France by Lomo Kompakt.

Thursday, 26 August 2010


more HORIZON panoramic shots from UK paradise land.
100% analogue, Kodak pro Foto 100 film.